Baron Fibreglass

Baron Fibreglass has been servicing the industry for nearly 3 decades.

Established in the early 90’s, the company built the largest fibreglass tanks at the time in the southern hemisphere standing at 600 m3 capacity. The company also manufactured much specialised electrowinning cells for use in the Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide industry.

Since then Baron Fibreglass has designed, manufactured and supplied a wide range of items such as odour control covers, specialised ventilation ducting, bio trickling filters, chemical scrubbers, exhaust stacks, industrial piping, chemical storage tanks, pressure vessels to name a few.
We are focused on delivering customised engineered solutions to our clients to suit their needs. We provide complete design and engineering services for all the products manufactured by us. We work very closely with our customers to better understand their needs and then propose innovative solutions that saves cost without compromising the functional requirements.

We do take time to educate our customers in fibreglass as a very versatile material of construction, one that is often overlooked due to a lack of understanding of the material properties.


Chemical Industries
Mining and Mineral processing
Water and waste water
Air pollution control