Our Services


  • Our manufacturing facility in Jakarta, Indonesia is a full ISO Certified facility.
  • We have 2 filament winding machines capable of winding vessels up to 3m in diameter.
  • We have a continuous roofing line to manufacture custom designed FRP roof sheeting.
  • A test laboratory

FRP laminate design and engineering

  • We undertake laminate design to a variety of standards specified by the client.
  • We interpret the design details on the detailed drawings prepared for the client.
  • We provide fully engineered drawings in 3D
  • These models are imported directly by the client in to their system making it much easier for the client to check the drawings.

Project management

We provide a full project management service to all our clients and includes, concept designs, cash flow forecasts, project planning and programming, quality assurance to name a few aspects.

FRP asset management

We can provide a full asset management service for your FRP assets. This includes annual or regular inspections and reporting and repairs as required.

FRP Inspection and testing

  • We provide a full comprehensive inspection service for all FRP assets.
  • Our inspectors have a vast amount of experience of over 20 years.

Our products:

Chemical storage tanks
Bio trickling filters
Chemical scrubbers
Activated carbon filters
Vacuum filtrate receivers
Pressure vessels
Wear resistant feeders, fume hoods, belt guards and drive covers.
Industrial piping and fittings.
Fume Hoods and Exhaust stacks
Ventilation ducting, including specialised fire retardant ducting.
Flow control and barometric dampers
Odour control covers
Walkways and platforms
Panel tanks
Customised industrial roof sheeting and guttering